Christian Brueffer

Christian Brueffer

Bioinformatics — Cancer Research —
Open Source Software — Software Engineering

I contribute to a number of open source software projects on a regular basis. An overview can be found on OpenHub.


FreeBSD is an open source Unix-like operating system that can be found (as a whole or in parts) in Apple macOS and iOS, Sony Playstation 4, Juniper routers and NetApp storage filers, to name a few. It also powers services such as Netflix and WhatsApp. I have been a developer with the project since 2003, and also contribute to related security-focused projects such as TrustedBSD and OpenBSM.


to the source code repository

to the documentation repository

to the ports repository

Conference Contributions

NYCBSDCon 2010, New York City, USA – Practical Security Event Auditing with FreeBSD [PDF]

meetBSD 2007, Warsaw, Poland – Protecting your Privacy with FreeBSD and Tor [PDF] [video]

FrOSCon 2006, Sankt Augustin, Germany – FreeBSD im Überblick [PDF]

Magazine Articles

BSD Magazine 04/2009 – FreeBSD Security Event Auditing

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