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The mutational landscape of the SCAN-B real-world primary breast cancer transcriptome

Breast cancer is a disease of genomic alterations, of which the panorama of somatic mutations and how these relate to subtypes and therapy response is incompletely understood. Within SCAN‐B ( NCT02306096), a prospective study …

A crowdsourced set of curated structural variants for the human genome

A high quality benchmark for small variants encompassing 88 to 90% of the reference genome has been developed for seven Genome in a Bottle (GIAB) reference samples. However a reliable benchmark for large indels and structural variants (SVs) is more …

SCAN-B MutationExplorer

A web-based application for exploring tumor somatic mutations.


I have been a developer with the FreeBSD operating system project since 2003. This page collates some related links.

Bioconda: sustainable and comprehensive software distribution for the life sciences

We present Bioconda (, a distribution of bioinformatics software for the lightweight, multiplatform and language-agnostic package manager Conda. Currently, Bioconda offers a collection of over 3000 software packages, which …

TopHat-Recondition: A post-processor for TopHat unmapped reads

TopHat is a popular spliced junction mapper for RNA sequencing data, and writes files in the BAM format – the binary version of the Sequence Alignment/Map (SAM) format. BAM is the standard exchange format for aligned sequencing reads, thus correct …

FreeBSD Security Event Auditing