Breast Cancer

SCAN-B MutationExplorer

A web-based application for exploring tumor somatic mutations.

RNA Sequencing for Breast Cancer Diagnostics

My PhD work in which I develop RNA sequencing-based diagnostic tools for breast cancer.

Defining the Mutational Landscape of the Primary Breast Cancer Transcriptome through large-scale RNA-seq in the Sweden Cancerome Analysis Network–Breast (SCAN-B) Project

Detection of circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA before and after mammographic breast compression in a cohort of breast cancer patients scheduled for neoadjuvant treatment

Towards Better Breast Cancer Diagnostics: Large-scale Profiling of Tumor Transcriptomes

RNA-seq-Based Classifiers for Prediction of the Five Conventional Breast Cancer Biomarkers in the Population-Based Multicenter SCAN-B Study

Clinical Value of RNA Sequencing-Based Classifiers for Prediction of the Five Conventional Breast Cancer Biomarkers: A Report From the Population-Based Multicenter Sweden Cancerome Analysis Network–Breast Initiative

Remarkable similarities of chromosomal rearrangements between primary human breast cancers and matched distant metastases as revealed by whole-genome sequencing

Contralateral breast cancer can represent a metastatic spread of the first primary tumor: determination of clonal relationship between contralateral breast cancers using next-generation whole genome sequencing

The Sweden Cancerome Analysis Network-Breast (SCAN-B) Initiative: a large-scale multicenter infrastructure towards implementation of breast cancer genomic analyses in the clinical routine